Somatic Therapy

What is Somatic Therapy? 

  • Somatic therapy and bodywork engages the body as the primary source for change and transformation.
  • Somatics answers the question “why can’t I change my behavior even though my mind is on board?”
  • If you do Somatic Therapy with me you might:
    • Transform daily patterns that are stopping you from having the life you want
    • Return to a strong felt sense of intuition and align with your deepest longing
    • Heal and release trauma both individual and generational
    • Understand and transform shame
“It was incredibly healing to have a white person be in a position of giving. And to learn what authentic allyship can look like and what it’s like to heal from white supremacy.”
Somatic Client, Activist & Artist
“Becka is caring, intentional, compassionate, challenging and intuitive. She was a great match for me for this work.”
Somatic Client, Community Organizer & Activist